2020 another bad news! Curry James prayed, it\’s too difficult
Time: 2020-11-20 02:12 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

I don\’t know if it was the end of 2020, and the bad news one after another, especially the NBA was continuously hit.

When everyone was waiting for this bad 2020, another bad news came.

据此前新闻报道,克莱汤普森在南加州的一次Injury during training, and the injury is not optimistic. When Tang Shen left the ball, his right calf could not be loaded.

With the exposure of Tang Shen\’s injury, the bad news came out one after another.

NBA名记Shams报道,他被告知汤普森遭遇了脚跟Injury. After this report came out, media fans speculated that Cle Thompson was likely to be a severe injury of Achilles tendon, and even the warriors were quite concerned.

伤病噩耗突然传出,NBA顿时也是一片“悲情\”\”. The two super giants of Kurikijs prayed dynamic prayers to send blessings to Clai, and other players followed closely.

Even the first thing James Wansman was chosen by the Warriors was also blessing for his new teammates. \”Pray for my teammate Cle, he will be fine.\”

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Not only teammates, George, Cousins, Lin Shuhao and other players also hurriedly prayed to Clai after learning the news.

Seeing the \”formation\” of this blessing, unknown fans may think that Clai has encountered severe injuries, but in fact he is evaluating the degree of injury and has not yet been updated.

据勇士记者Mark Medina报道,汤普森预计在明日接受核磁Resonance check.

Before the test results of Tang Shen, the stone in the warrior fans couldn\’t let go.

2018-19 In the middle of the middle of the left knee fork ligament, the reimbursement of the entire season, this injury will almost affect the entire career for a basketball player.

But now in October, Tang Shen, who had just returned to the training, has not been practiced for a long time, and the news of injuries immediately came out, and it was another right leg. what.

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In the severity, NBA basketball players are more clear than anyone else, and this is why everyone hurriedly prayed for Clai.

Therefore, everyone must admit it anymore. Clai is likely to face the fatal injury of the Achilles tendon to tear or break.

<img src = \"https://zuqiudi.cdn.formsgoods.com/3AF23081448CA488139E10F0A731A28B86EA4CF85aee789f7dc.png\"

There are hope.

I wish the Cleo away from injury, and hope that this uncomfortable 2020 will be able to pass earlier, don\’t come up with any bad news that everyone doesn\’t want to hear!

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